On Friday 20th September 2019 our Chaplaincy Room had a very special visitor.  Let us tell you what happened…

“Today Father Lewis came to the Chaplaincy Room.  He asked us questions about the gospel we were reading while we waited for others to arrive” (Favour 3M)

“The Prayer Monitors, Junior Chaplains and Mrs Appah were all involved in the ceremony” (Tiffany 5E)

“He wore a stole which is a special garment worn as a symbol that he has the power to bless us and our Chaplaincy Room” (Judith 5E and Mercy 4J)

“He talked to us about Holy Water, Holy Signs and Holy Words” (Ciara 2E and Ginika 2J)

“Today I learned the things a priest needs to bless” (Atinuke 1L)

 “We stood outside the room as he read the gospel and prayed for the school.  He used Holy water to mark the blessing of the door” (Saron 4G)

“Father Lewis blessed us individually with Holy water inside the room” (Mildred 5T)

“At the table he said a special prayer for the Junior Chaplains and Prayer Monitors then we received our new badges” (Debbie 5T)

 “After the ceremony we celebrated with delicious drinks and snacks” (Itanu 3C)

“The English Martyrs’ Chaplaincy room has now officially been blessed to mark the start of a new academic year and is open to all classes.  We invite you all to visit”(Andrew 6M)

Our Junior Chaplains:  

  • 6T: Mrs Leakey – Treasure
  • 6M: Mr Malone – Andrew
  • 5T: Ms Hughes – Debbie
  • 5E: Ms Amachree – Judith