Science week starts on Thursday 8th March at English Martyrs School! To kick off the week, we have a visit from the Birdman from Eagle Heights.

The school will be introduced to the ecology and conservation of Birds of Prey by Mr Alan Ames from Eagle Heights in Eynsford, Kent.  They will be shown different birds, learn about them and their habitats in an assembly for each building.

Eagle Heights Foundation in Kent care for injured birds brought in by the public and the RSPCA.  By bringing the birds to schools, Mr Ames highlights the need for conservation, and explains to the children about ecology and adaptation.  They have reintroduced Buzzards to the Darent Valley and have also initiated a scheme to provide nesting boxes for Barn Owls amongst other projects, details of which can be found at

 After the assemblies, there will be an opportunity for your child to have their photograph taken holding one of the birds on their gloved hand.  Each colour photograph will cost £5.00 with a mount and will measure 5” by 7”.

If you wish your child to be photographed, please contact the school office or your child’s teacher to complete a slip clearly marked with your child’s name and class, by Monday, 5th March. and a payment of £5.00. Without slips and payment, photographs cannot be taken.  Please note that money will not be taken on the day. Only children who have paid prior to the visit will be photographed. The photographs will be given to your child approximately 10 days after the visit.