Ex pupil Thomas Monkhouse popped in to see his old school this week.

Thomas attended English Martyrs’ from 1946 – 1950, the Head Teacher at the time was Mr Rosetti.

Mr Monkhouse meet with Mrs Appah to re tell stories of his days and memories as a pupil. His year 6 teacher at the time was Mr Angel.

Mr Monkhouse said

I had a really great time, and a very sad memory of his best friend passing away, of which he did not find out until much later, in those days he remembered his friend just stopped coming to school, he had no idea why. I really enjoyed the school lunch menu and remember being given a small bottle of milk each day, the nurse visited and would give us a spoonful of malt, all the children loved it and would queue up, but later we were given cod liver oil, that was not so popular!

Our parish priest at the time was Fr Eugene Cotton and I was married at English Martyr’s church too, after the ceremony we came out on to the playground and threw confetti on the bride & groom. I have many found memories of English Martyrs’ church.

It was wonderful to see  and hear Mr Monkhouse stories,  we wish him and his family all the best.