PE Staff Training

The teachers at English Martyrs’ thoroughly enjoyed the staff training session ran by Wilson from the LPESSN. We were shown a range of activities and strategies that we can use to help the children develop their physical, technical, tactical and social skills safely in line with government guidelines in relation to COVID-19. The teachers were laughing and smiling throughout, proving the point that physical exercise really does help with your mental wellbeing, even when you are tired beforehand.

Year 5 Challenge Day

Well done to all of the year 5 children for participating in the challenge day on 3.12.20. They concentrated well for the duration of the session and did their best on a range of different activities. The children showed perseverance and good problem solving skills when they found the activities challenging and attempted to beat their previous scores. A big shout out goes to the LPESSN for coming into our school and delivering this event! The children really enjoyed this event and appreciate your commitment to providing events during difficult times.

Year 4 Athletics

The year 4 pupils participated in an athletics event held by the LPESSN on 9.12.20. All of the children gave their best effort to complete the activities, which focused on numerous physical skills. They really enjoyed this event and showed good team spirit throughout, as they encouraged each other to do their best. The children were very excited to compete against each other and also try to bat their previous scores. Well done to everyone!