Special Multi-skills League (Key Stage 2)

It was a pleasure to see the children participating in the first round of the Special Multi-skills League. A big thank you goes out to The PE and School Sports Network for coming into our school and leading this event. The children thoroughly enjoyed practicing a range of skills whilst encouraging each other and they also did well to persevere when they found some activities difficult. The children participated in some activities they had not previously tried: boccia, new age kurling, scooter challenge, bench challenge, bouncing challenge, golf/throwing challenge and bean bag target throw challenge. Well done to you all!

Cross-Country (Key Stage 2)

On 9th October 2020 all of the children in Year 3 to Year 6 participated in the Cross-country event ran by The PE and School Sports Network. The Daily Mile Mini Marathon has helped the children to build up their stamina and prepare for this event but I am really pleased to say that the children put all their effort in to run 1 kilometre as quickly as they could. I was especially pleased to see how the children were encouraging each other and cheering for their class mates.

Daily Mile Mini Marathon

This half term the whole school has participated in the Daily Mile Mini Marathon. The children have run continuously for 15 minutes twice a week. I am proud to see the progress that the children have made across the school, as all of the children have really improved their stamina. Lockdown has been a difficult time for all of us and many children across the world have not been as active since the start of the pandemic so parents and schools need to work together to get the children exercising at a good intensity. Some of the benefits include being healthier, fitter and happier as well as getting a stronger heart and muscles and also improving their attention and concentration. This challenge has worked extremely well and I’m pleased to say we will continue with the daily mile next term so we can keep gaining the benefits. Excellent effort everyone, you have definitely earned your certificates!

Multi-Skills (Year 1)

The year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed participating in the multi-skills event ran by The PE and School Sports Network. They played different games such as: ready steady throw, shark attack, in the river. These games worked on their agility, balance and coordination as well as their problem-solving ability. The children showed great sportsmanship and they also worked well individually and as a team. I am happy with the progress the year 1 children have been making with their fitness and skills during the first half term after lockdown and look forward to continuing the good work when they return after the half term.