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Pupils celebrated art week from 5th - 9th June, each year group from Year 1 - Year 6 studied a specific artist and recreated a wonderful piece of art.

Year 6 visited the Emirates Cable Cars and enjoyed clear blue sky's for a fantastic view of London. They were very brave being up so high

Year 5 visited Deptford Creek Discovery Centre as part of their science topic this o gain a better understanding of rivers and their habitats. The children explored the features of a river; found out about habitats within the river system and looked at test samples of river water to determine if it is clean and a suitable habitat.

Year 5 visited Deptford Creek as part of their science topic to gain a better understanding of rivers and their habitats

All classes during Holy Week visited various places of worship to learn more about other Faiths, Year 6 visited a Islamic Centre, Year 5 Hindu Temple, Year 4 Sikh Temple, Year 3 A Synagogue, Year 2 a Buddhist Temple and Year 1 a Church of England, Reception and Nursery visited our School Church.

Year 5 were given the fantastic opportunity to visit City Hall and receive a special tour of the building, they were also invited to be part of the audience to see first hand MP's involved in a debate.

As part of World Book Day celebration each class helped design and create their favourite book cover for their classrooms doors.

March 24th Mr Neil Coyle visited EMS, he was introduced to all year groups and had a very interesting discussion with year 6 on reasons why he went into politics and became our Local M.P.

Year 6 received Road Safety training provided by Southwark, this is a very popular programme with pupils as it looks at the dangers around the roads and children being distracted by friends, mobile phones etc

2J visited the Jamyang Buddhist Temple as part of R.E. Week 2017 and learning about different faiths. We learnt lots about Buddhism and were shown around the temple by Roy, the temple director. We loved smelling the incense and seeing all the amazing statues and art. Thank you to the parents who came and helped us.

Year 1 had the big responsibility of looking after and nurturing eggs from Surrey Docks Farm into little chicks. EMS were the proud parent/carers of 6 healthy chicks that were returned to Surrey Docks Farm on 24th March.

As part of Health and P.E Week 2017 A-Life came into EMS to work with pupils on exercise and the importance of a healthy balanced meal.

As part of our Healthy Living and sports week classes took part in a Healthy workshop, learning about healthy foods, effects foods have on their bodies and ways to stay fit and healthy

21 pupils from our Choir joined thousands of other pupils to sing and dance at Wembley

Parents / carers from KS1 ere invited to come into school and read with their child

All of our Year 3 children are given the opportunity to see, participate in and enjoy dance through demonstrations and in-school practical workshops. This programme is fantastic as it develops the childrens’ self-confidence, creativity and self-discipline through ballet-based dance activities. The company also gives the children an opportunity to perform at the Royal Opera House.