Here are some exercises you can do to keep your body and mind healthy as we are going through difficult times. Have a go at different exercises (not all at once) and see which ones you prefer. I have thought of exercises to work out your whole body and that need little or no equipment.

Aim to do at least one 20-minute session per day of exercises of your choice. But if you could do more it would be better as the government recommends that you have at least 1 hour of exercise a day. You could do two 20-minute sessions throughout the day. These are great for children and adults!

Mountain Climbers

Get into a push-up position and then alternate bringing your knee to your elbow. You can do same side connections or crisscross. The idea is to move fast and work up a sweat!

Bear Crawls
Palms and feet flat on the floor, arch your back so that you look like a bear. Race your kids across the room. Add some fun by having a competition! Who can “roar” the loudest? 

Star Jumps

Kids love these! Stand tall and then explosively jump into the air, expanding your legs and your arms so that you look like a large “X” in the air.

Push Ups
Straightforward and to the point. Just be sure your hands are in line with your chest and your body is in a straight line. If you want to make it harder, try for push–up claps or diamond push-ups (hands together in a diamond shape). To make push ups easier you can do them against the well or on the floor with your knees bent for support.
Sit Ups
Lay on your back and bend your knees shoulder-width apart. Place your hands flat on your legs and use your stomach muscles to move your body upwards until your hands go over your knees. Feel free to tuck your toes under the sofa etc if you need a bit of support or ask someone to hold your feet. 
From standing, squat down, place your hands on the ground, and jump your feet back into a plank position. Lower body to the floor for a push-up. Push back up to plank. Hop feet back in and stand up.

To do this one, stand with your feet shoulder’s width apart, and do deep knee bends. Make sure you keep your knees behind your toes and your arms out straight.

Squat Pose

Hold the squat position as long as you can.

Squat jumps

Squat and then jump straight up in the air, and land back down in the squat with knees bent.

Leg Raises
Lay on your side or on your back and with lift your legs without bending at the knee. Try to hold at the top. This works your lower stomach muscles, but be careful to not let your lower back arch.

Step forward and bend your front knee to a 90-degree angle. The goal is to have your back knee touch the ground without letting your front knee extend past your toes. To make it harder, carry a small weight in each arm and lunge as you walk across the room.

Get into a push-up position but put your elbows on the floor. Make sure your back is straight and in line with your head, bottom and legs.

Side planks

Lie on one side and lift yourself up on your arm. Lift your hips straight off the ground. Hold as long as you can and repeat on the opposite side.

Butterfly Kicks
Lay flat on your back, and extend your legs straight out. Imagine a swimmer, and begin to flutter kick your legs without bending at the knee. Start with your feet high off of the floor, as the move gets more difficult the closer the action is to the floor.

Bench step-ups

Step right foot, then left, up onto a low bench, then step down. You could do this on stairs.

Calf raises

From standing, lift up onto your tiptoes and hold, then lower.

Crab walks

Sit with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground, place your hands on the ground behind you. Lift your hips up and walk forwards, backwards and sideways.

Crab toe touches

From your crab position, lift your left leg and right arm and try to touch your toes. Lower and repeat on the other side.

Handstands against a wall

Make it a game and see who can hold it the longest. Challenge yourself by not using the wall as support.

Hip bridges

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground, you’re your arms by your sides. Press feet firmly down as you slowly lift your hips off the ground; hold for a few counts, then lower.


Bend forward at the hips and place hands on the ground with knees slightly bent, then walk them forward until you’re in a plank position. Now walk feet in to meet your hands and stand back up.


Lie face down, with your arms and legs extended. Slowly lift your arms and legs off the ground as high as you can. Keep the neck relaxed and look down at the ground. Hold this position as long as you can.

Tuck Jumps

Bend your knees and lift your feet high as you jump.

Hurdle Hops

Jump from side-to-side or front-to-back over a small hurdle or object. Pretend to have a hurdle if you can’t find anything suitable.

One-Foot Hops

Lift one knee and jump on your standing leg. Do the same on your other leg.

Criss-Cross Feet

Jump straight up, then cross one foot in front of the other. On the next jump, switch feet and continue.

Tree Pose

Stand tall on one leg and twist open your other leg so that the bottom of your foot is on your calf or inner thigh. Reach your arms up to the sky as if you are growing branches. See how long you can hold this balance for.

Child’s Pose

Sit on your heels with your toes touching behind you and your knees apart. Lie your chest on your thighs, stretch your arms out in front of you, and press your hands onto the floor. Rest your forehead on the ground/mat. See how long you can hold this balance for.

Frog Pose

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and turn your feet slightly outwards. Squat down bending your knees with your hands in between your feet. Clap your hands together while pressing your knees apart. You can challenge yourself by jumping in this position.

Warrior Pose

Stand tall on one leg and slowly lean your upper body forward with your arms straight in front. Lift one leg high enough to become parallel to the floor, as if you are flying an airplane. Look at the floor in front of you to help you balance. Flex your foot to point your toes toward the ground.

Ski Jump

From a standing position with your left leg and left arm in front of you and your right leg and right arm behind you, slightly bend your knees (running position). Jump up while swinging your arms and legs in the opposite direction before you land on the floor.

Alternate Toe Touch

Feet shoulder width apart, bend down at your stomach whilst keeping your legs straight. Use your left hand to touch your right foot and then your right hand to your left foot and keep going.

Tricep dips

Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair/bench/sofa/bed. Bring your arms down along your sides and rest your hands on your chair, wrapping your fingers under the front of the seat. Straighten your legs out in front of you and place your heels firmly on the ground. Dip your body down towards the ground and lift yourself up to the original position.


Lie down on your back and lay your feet on the floor shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and bring them to your chest as you lift your upper body towards your knees, meeting in the middle. Then go back to the original positon.