English Martyr’s have kindly been given some Junior Lions Teamcard by Millwall, which allows children and their families to receive discounts/free food for children at various places such as Frankie and Benny’s and GAME as well as theme parks

Who gets to use the card?

Each class in Years 2-6 have their own card. One child will take a card home over the weekend. 

It can be used as a reward for those who:

  • Are consistently on Green
  • Have earned a privilege card over time
  • Have made a noticeable positive change in behaviour and attitude to learning

Each class Years 2-6 will have one card and it must be signed out by parents on a Friday (Years 2-4)

In Years 5 and 6, if children make their own way home it will be the teachers responsibility to either

a) contact a parent to come in and sign the card out or
b) allow the children to sign out and teacher keep track and chase up the return

Cards to be returned to The school office on the Monday.