Dear pupils and parents,

I hope everyone is safe, healthy and happy! 

We are now at the beginning of the summer term and we enter it in unusual circumstances but together we can come out of this stronger than ever. For me personally this situation has helped me to be more grateful for what I have and focus on what is most important. This has also enabled families to spend more time together and learn together, which is an important part of bonding as a family so I hope you are all using this time wisely as we go through difficult times.

Remember engaging in physical exercise every day helps to keep you physically fit and also helps with you mental wellbeing. Aim to do at least one 20-minute session per day of exercises of your choice. But if you could do more it would be better as the government recommends that you have at least 1 hour of exercise a day. You could do two 20-minute sessions throughout the day.

Please refer to the home exercise ideas and video links on our website for exercises and routines. There are many routines you can find on YouTube so find what suits and interests you. Please also refer to the healthy eating document to help you maintain a balance diet and strengthen your immune system.

Please go on to The PE and School Sport Network website: They have many ideas for activities that you can do on your own, in partners or small groups. Doing these activities as a family would be ideal! At the top right of their home page they have their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram addresses that will show you daily and weekly challenges to keep you motivated.

Keep your eyes on our website because I will be uploading videos explaining how you can do these challenges at home with demonstrations!

Keep active, stay positive and remember there is always ease after hardship.

Kind regards,

Mr Longley