In July the school took part in a mini enterprise workshop with Enabling Enterprise, the money raised during our Enabling Enterprise project  totalled to approx £400.00, this was decided to be used for a charity called  Believe in Better.

The money raised was used to lay a new floor at Amatsiko School for Orphans and Disadvantaged children in Kabale, Uganda. They previously had to sit on a muddy, dusty floor as part of their everyday schooling so you can image they were very happy when this was able to have been done for them!

Miss Johnson our Year 2 teacher went to Uganda and  helped to lay the floor as part of the charity Believe in Better, please see some of the photos of her time spent there.

We will continue to support the charity and hope to keep you updated.

Thank you to all the children, staff and parents for their hard work in helping this to happen.