Maths Week begins on the 29th of January to 2nd of February. The theme is Maths through stories. Each year group would embark on a range of mathematical activities stimulated by a story book. As part of our celebration, we would like parents and carers to join in the fun by entering our family quiz.

Family Quiz:

Find as many as possible:

  • Stories with numbers in their titles e.g. Three Little Pigs
  • Films with numbers in their titles e.g. Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • Songs with numbers in their titles e.g. Ten Green Bottles

Please hand your entry to your child’s class teacher by Wednesday the 31st January. Don’t forget to put your family name on your answer sheet.

Times Table for the Week:

We have started Times Table for the Week. Each week, a particular times table will be released and all children are to learn and master it. (Both at school and at home).