Physical Education

Physical Education Overview

We work in partnership with the London PE and School Sports Network.

 At English Martyrs’ RC, we believe that PE helps to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle so it’s a key aspect of our school life. As well as the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, our aim is to nurture the ethos of enjoyment,  fair play, team spirit and self discipline, always teaching safe practise and good use of sports apparatus.  Two hours of PE is timetabled per week for each class through which we develop core skills to enable the children to become well rounded sportsmen and women as set out in the National Curriculum. We have a full range of PE and sports activities inclusive of gymnastics, dance, athletics and  games such as netball, basketball, tag rugby, dodgeball, kwik cricket and hockey.  The school engages an excellent professional sports coach to teach PE (indoor and outdoor) to classes from Year 1 to Year 6.

All children in Year 3 and Year 4 have the chance to take swimming lessons once per week for a year. Children in Year 5 who did not achieve the National Curriculum requirements of  swimming at least 25m are also given the opportunity to take extra swimming lessons in order to improve their swimming and water safety.                     

In addition, each term, there are after-school clubs such as Multi-skills and football  and a full calendar of sporting fixtures run by the PSSN  within the borough, which help to ensure that English Martyrs’ children can develop their physical skills to the full. Children with SEN are also given the chance to do activities such as bowling and sailing  run by PSSN. We also work with outside agents like ‘Let’s Get Physical’ team who ran a vibrant after school club targeting ‘children who do not normally take part in sport clubs outside school.’ This will help those children to develop confidence to participate in sports activities outside school.

Annually, our  Sports Day is held at Burgess Park for all children from Year 1 to Year 6. Nursery and Reception have their Sports Day at school. This gives the children the opportunity  to take part in fun activities such as beanbag throw,   javelin throw and tug of war and to show off their skills in both track and field activities. We encourage parents to come and see their children compete in these events and to enjoy participating in a parent race themselves.

To further develop their sporting journey, we encourage the children to join clubs outside of school. Presently, some attend football and swimming clubs.  

Keeping fit and healthy at home:

Here are some great posters and videos to keep you fit and healthy during lockdown and beyond.

Daily Mile Bingo:

Don’t forget to do your daily mile! Don’t forget to do your daily mile. If you can’t go outside then you can do your jogging on the spot for 15 minutes. See how many challenges you can tick off of you r bingo card. CLICK HERE

Spread a little happiness:

ere are some excellent ideas and tips to help you to live a healthy lifestyle during lockdown. It includes yoga, healthy eating, mindfulness, art thepary, SEND information and more. CLICK HERE

Live PE Lessons:

The LPESSN are delivery live lessons that you can view online and also have many other pre recorded lessons for children of all ages. CLICK HERE

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PE Activities – Autumn 2:

PE Staff Training

The teachers at English Martyrs’ thoroughly enjoyed the staff training session ran by Wilson from the LPESSN. We were shown a range of activities and strategies that we can use to help the children develop their physical, technical, tactical and social skills safely in line with government guidelines in relation to COVID-19. The teachers were laughing and smiling throughout, proving the point that physical exercise really does help with your mental wellbeing, even when you are tired beforehand.

Year 5 Challenge Day

Well done to all of the year 5 children for participating in the challenge day on 3.12.20. They concentrated well for the duration of the session and did their best on a range of different activities. The children showed perseverance and good problem solving skills when they found the activities challenging and attempted to beat their previous scores. A big shout out goes to the LPESSN for coming into our school and delivering this event! The children really enjoyed this event and appreciate your commitment to providing events during difficult times.

Year 4 Athletics

The year 4 pupils participated in an athletics event held by the LPESSN on 9.12.20. All of the children gave their best effort to complete the activities, which focused on numerous physical skills. They really enjoyed this event and showed good team spirit throughout, as they encouraged each other to do their best. The children were very excited to compete against each other and also try to bat their previous scores. Well done to everyone!

PE Activities – Autumn 1:

Special Multi-skills League (Key Stage 2)

It was a pleasure to see the children participating in the first round of the Special Multi-skills League. A big thank you goes out to The PE and School Sports Network for coming into our school and leading this event. The children thoroughly enjoyed practicing a range of skills whilst encouraging each other and they also did well to persevere when they found some activities difficult. The children participated in some activities they had not previously tried: boccia, new age kurling, scooter challenge, bench challenge, bouncing challenge, golf/throwing challenge and bean bag target throw challenge. Well done to you all!

Cross-Country (Key Stage 2)

On 9th October 2020 all of the children in Year 3 to Year 6 participated in the Cross-country event ran by The PE and School Sports Network. The Daily Mile Mini Marathon has helped the children to build up their stamina and prepare for this event but I am really pleased to say that the children put all their effort in to run 1 kilometre as quickly as they could. I was especially pleased to see how the children were encouraging each other and cheering for their class mates.

Daily Mile Mini Marathon

This half term the whole school has participated in the Daily Mile Mini Marathon. The children have run continuously for 15 minutes twice a week. I am proud to see the progress that the children have made across the school, as all of the children have really improved their stamina. Lockdown has been a difficult time for all of us and many children across the world have not been as active since the start of the pandemic so parents and schools need to work together to get the children exercising at a good intensity. Some of the benefits include being healthier, fitter and happier as well as getting a stronger heart and muscles and also improving their attention and concentration. This challenge has worked extremely well and I’m pleased to say we will continue with the daily mile next term so we can keep gaining the benefits. Excellent effort everyone, you have definitely earned your certificates!

Multi-Skills (Year 1)

The year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed participating in the multi-skills event ran by The PE and School Sports Network. They played different games such as: ready steady throw, shark attack, in the river. These games worked on their agility, balance and coordination as well as their problem-solving ability. The children showed great sportsmanship and they also worked well individually and as a team. I am happy with the progress the year 1 children have been making with their fitness and skills during the first half term after lockdown and look forward to continuing the good work when they return after the half term.

London Mini Marathon

English Martyr’s RC Primary School are proud to participate in the London Mini Marathon between Monday 28th September and Friday 2nd October. Each child in the school (Nursery- Year 6) will be running 2.6 miles to complete this challenge. Physical exercise provides us with a range of benefits, including helping us to feel happier, improving our concentration and alertness as well as improving our physical health and fitness. We can’t wait to get started!

Wildcat Girls Football Sessions

Girls Only Wildcats Football Sessions begin on Tuesday 22nd September at Marlborough Gardens, SE1 1SD. These sessions are on every Tuesday from 3.45-5PM. Sessions are open to all girls of primary school age and every session is FREE. Each session will be fun and inclusive, regardless of ability. Our main aim is to get girls playing and enjoying the game of football. No need to book, just turn up to play!

Daily Mile Challenges

English Martyrs’ are proud to announce that all children (Nursery-Year 6) have completed two Daily Mile challenges so far; ‘London Loop’ in the autumn term and ‘Million Miles’ in the spring term. Both challenges required running at a moderate pace for 15 minutes every day. Many children are showing increased stamina and better focus during lessons.

The children have had assemblies stating the importance of making healthy living choices and exercising every day in order to improve their general health and fitness as well as their social and cognitive skills. There is still more to be done so bring on the next challenge!

Year 2 Athletics Day

Congratulations to the year 2 children that attended the athletics day at The Castle Leisure Centre on 23/01/20. These children demonstrated great sportsmanship and friendly behaviour throughout the event. They finished in 3rd place overall after a variety of different athletic activities and have been encouraged to join clubs outside of school. Keep it up year 2!

Year 6 Tag Rugby Tournament

The year 6 children had been improving their tag rugby skills during the Autumn 2 half term in preparation for the tag rugby tournament at Burgess Park on 22.02.20. The children who were selected to represent English Martyrs’ demonstrated excellent teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the day. They did really well to make it to the quarter-finals and lost narrowly in extra time by 1 point. So close. We are proud of your efforts and the way you conducted yourself during the day!

Year 6 Netball Tournament

Well done to the year 6 children who practised hard in their PE lessons and got selected to represent English Martyrs’ for the netball tournament at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth on 31.01.20. They showed excellent teamwork by rotating and playing different positions each game. The children were encouraging each other and also praising other schools. You have made the school proud!

Key Stage 2 Boccia

Congratulations to the children who attended the Key Stage 2 Boccia event at Bacon’s College on 11.02.20. These children demonstrated exceptional behaviour throughout the day and were willing to give a new sport a go. These children showed determination not to give up and gave their best effort throughout. We are glad you enjoyed the event!

Year 5 Leaders

A very big shout out to the children who attended the Year 5 Leadership day in the autumn term! They have shown great dedication to consistently turn up and help me to deliver the multi-skills after-school clubs. They have thought hard and worked well together to plan different activities that work on fundamental skills like agility, balance, coordination, throwing, catching, kicking and more. They have also given the children opportunities to improve their social and communication skills by allowing the children to practice working in partners and small groups. I have been very impressed with their attitude and leadership skills!

Ezekiel Ewulo Visit

The eagerly-anticipated visit of Ezekiel Ewulo (Successful professional long jump athlete) was a huge success.

Every child in the school (Nursery-Year 6) participated in a fitness circuit ran by Ezekiel himself. The children put their maximum effort in and worked up a real sweat. Ezekiel also delivered an assembly to the whole school, which explained his journey as an athlete and focused on healthy eating, healthy living, teamwork, responsibility, communication and creativity. Ezekiel demonstrated how to perform a long jump correctly and the children were excited to see some teachers do it before some of them had a chance to try for themselves. The children continued to show their enthusiasm by asking many Ezekiel many questions about his career as a long jump athlete and he was pleased to see how interested the children were.

Well done to all the children and parents who worked hard raising sponsorship money for this event, especially to the families who raised enough money to get a postcard, poster or autographed instant photo of themselves with Ezekiel. The total we managed to raise as a school was an impressive £575.30p!

This money helped to pay for the event, fund some of Ezekiel’s training and provide new sports equipment for our school.

The children have been eager to practice their long jumps during play time/lunch time, PE lessons and after-school clubs. They really have been inspired to try out a new sport and we look forward to seeing the impact of the discussions around healthy eating, healthy living, teamwork, responsibility, communication and creativity.

A big thank you to Ezekiel Ewulo and good luck in getting to the next Olympics!