Science stimulates and excites pupils’ curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them. It engages learners in many ways.  Through science, pupils understand how major scientific ideas contribute to technological change – impacting on industry, business and medicine and improving quality of life.

In our science lessons children are encouraged to ask questions about what they observe, to test their own ideas and to look for explanations. Whilst teaching new concepts, we help children to develop skills and strategies which, in time, will give them access to further areas of knowledge.

We teach Science through:

  • Planning investigations.
  • Carrying out experiments including whole class teacher-led demonstrations and experiments carried out independently, in pairs or in small groups
  • making and justifying predictions.
  • understanding and using scientific language.
  • recording observations and results and findings in a variety of ways including drawings, diagrams, writing, charts or graphs).
  • interpreting and analysing results
  • asking and answering scientific questions.
  • extended writing opportunities.
  • Use of Computing, video clips and images.
  • exploring the outdoor environment

Science Curriculum Map 2018-2019

EMS have been hatching!

As part of the science curriculum in Year 1 and 2, looking at animals, identifying them and keeping them alive and healthy, we had eggs to hatch.

For the last couple of years, we collect eggs from the farm and, using a special incubator, hatch the eggs. The children learn so much from seeing the eggs, watching them crack and hatch into baby chicks.

SCIENCE WEEK 9th-18th March 2018

British Science Week, run by the British Science Association is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, featuring entertaining and engaging events and activities across the UK for people of all ages.

We have many exciting activities planned throughout the week, which include visits from Wild Science, who bring creatures in for the children to handle,   The Birdman from Eagle heights and Dr Jasmine from Pro-education.

To find out more please visit the link

During Science week on Thursday 8th March  we have a visit from the Birdman from Eagle Heights.

The school will be introduced to the ecology and conservation of Birds of Prey by Mr Alan Ames from Eagle Heights in Eynsford, Kent.  They will be shown different birds, learn about them and their habitats in an assembly for each building.

Eagle Heights Foundation in Kent care for injured birds brought in by the public and the RSPCA.  By bringing the birds to schools, Mr Ames highlights the need for conservation, and explains to the children about ecology and adaptation.  They have reintroduced Buzzards to the Darent Valley and have also initiated a scheme to provide nesting boxes for Barn Owls amongst other projects, details of which can be found at

After the assemblies, there will be an opportunity for your child to have their photograph taken holding one of the birds on their gloved hand.  Each colour photograph will cost £5.00 with a mount and will measure 5” by 7”.

If you wish your child to be photographed, please contact the school office or your child’s teacher to complete a slip clearly marked with your child’s name and class, by Monday, 5th March. and a payment of £5.00. Without slips and payment, photographs cannot be taken.  Please note that money will not be taken on the day. Only children who have paid prior to the visit will be photographed. The photographs will be given to your child approximately 10 days after the visit.

Year 5 & 6 visit Walworth Academy

A huge thank you to Walworth Academy for inviting Years 5 and 6 for science demonstrations. The children were delighted with seeing magnesium and gunpowder burn, all from the safety of the glasses given. Secondary school looks very interesting!

Dr Jasmine from Pro Education visited EMS, and enthralled both teachers and children alike! We were entertained with square bubbles, a light show, fire and defying gravity. What a wonderful end to Science Week!

Wild Science Visit EMS!

Wild Science visited EMS on Monday, bringing a range of animals for the younger children to handle. Trevor the snake, the rabbit and bearded dragon were very popular.

They discussed the different textures, patterns and temperatures of the animals.

Off to a flying start!

Science week started with a bang – or with flying feathers ! – as all the children were treated to a bird display. They learnt about habitats, adaptation to environment and experienced the birds flying. Thank you to the Birdman from Eagle Heights for such an interesting day!

Science Week Competition Winners

Well done to all our entries into the science week competition!

The winners are:

  • Year 1 – Favour
  • Year 2 – Kayla
  • Year 3- Grace
  • Year 4 – Bruce
  • Year 5 – Mosope
  • Year 6 – Nathaniel

So many worked so hard, we gave them certificates:

  • Year 1 – Leticia, Hadvina, Anthony
  • Year 2 – Owen, Theodora, Hannah
  • Year 3 – Chantelle
  • Year 4 – Chennai
  • Year 5 – Carl, Nahome
  • Year 6 – Alisha, Chimaobi, Osazuwa

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Year 2 Making Silly Putty

The children have been working very hard in Year 2, and made some ‘silly putty’, which is actually a non-Newtonian liquid!

Healthy Food Tasting Time!

English Martyrs now has an edible playground, we’re growing plants for the children to eat! In the pictures below, Year 1 and 2 have been tasting a variety of healthy foods! Which one was their favourite?

Healthy eating and the new garden will become embedded in our school’s curriculum we will have gardening champions so all children will be involved in the garden.  Despite there being potentially some problems in having a two site school we are now proud to say that we have two beautiful gardens on each site and two greenhouses for propagation.  The whole process from seed to plate will shared with our children.

Let’s get growing!


Science Visits

Every year different year groups go on science related trips to further learn and explore different aspects of what they are learning in class.

Examples of recent visits are visits to:

  • Southwark Recycling Discovery Centre
  • South London Botanical Institute
  • The Science Museum,
  • The Planetarium in Greenwich,
  • The Natural History Museum.
  • Walworth Academy

Useful links

The following are links to interesting websites you can use at home:

Year 3 are now studying rocks and soil as part of their Science topic, they have created a lovely display

Outside Science Gallery

Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view: