Tell us what you’re up to!

I hope you and all your family members are well and keeping safe. We are all missing you so much in school and are asking for your help with our special newsletter.

How can you help?

Tell us what you have been doing while you have been at home, share your stories with us, tips on how to make the time go quicker and easier, we know you haven’t been able to meet with your friends and maybe family members but this can be a way for you to reach out to each other and share your ideas.

Send pictures of what you have been doing, work you have completed or a picture you have drawn.

Art Project – Try and make something from items found at home (always check with your parent first what you can use, why not get your parents involved in making something?) maybe you can use empty yogurt pots, toilet rolls, milk bottles etc and make something with them — some ideas could be: A castle, a space rocket, a car, or even a unicorn!, design something and show us what you have planned, use your imagination.

Parents – if you have any tips you can share on how you have managed to entertain your children at home, during these anxious and different times we find ourselves in, we will be happy to share with everyone.  

Positive Messages

Send us positive messages that you want to pass on to others.

Share any new and exciting books that you have found to read and want to share with others, tell us your favourite websites that you have used on the school site that you recommend and why, or if you have been baking why not send a picture of what you made, or the recipe so others can try.

We want all of you to be part of this special newsletter, a way of us all keeping in touch with one another.

Get in touch!

Parents, please send your children’s pictures, stories etc to 

Mrs Johnstone will check daily to see what she can add to the newsletter.

The deadline for all stores etc will be 3.00pm Thursday 2nd April.

Please do not send video images of you or your family, we will not be able to use these.

We are looking forward to all your ideas.

Keep safe and best wishes