5E – St Edmund Campion

5E – St Edmund Campion

Class Teacher: Ms Cyrus


Welcome to our classroom. We are very happy to see you and we do hope that you enjoy your visit. This page will be regularly updated with information and pictures relating to our classroom so please keep checking back for new information.

on 22nd March Year 5 classes visited City Hall 

They took part in a  2-hour visit in one of the committee rooms along with a presentation, a selection of short video clips, and a quiz and lots with of opportunities for questions and discussion. The visits are designed to:

  • Enthuse Londoners about their city through our fascinating history and unique place on the national and global stage
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the GLA, Mayor of London and London Assembly
  • Develop an understanding of different political viewpoints  and an appreciation of the importance of voting
  • Give visitors confidence and encouragement to engage in political debates
  • Encourage visitors to actively engage with the GLA

Please visit our photo gallery page for photos of the visit.

Year 5 recently took part in a internal workshop provided by Westminster and received a “Loan Box” with specialised costumes, tools and resources on how to become part of a debating team like those of professional members of Parliament.  Pupils said the debating topics they chose were exciting and they also included some of the most current news items up for discussion. 

Year 5 visited Deptford Creek Discovery Centre to reinforce their science and humanities topic this term and to gain a better understanding of rivers and their habitats.  The children explored the features of a river; found out about habitats within the river system and looked at test samples of river water to determine if it is clean and a suitable habitat.