Stars of the week

star-241x300At the end of each week, each teacher nominates children to receive a Good News Certificate to be the start of the week, pupils can also receive Good News Letters throughout the week as a result of their outstanding learning and / or behaviour .

The children’s names, and details of why they received the certificate are mentioned in our Good News Assembly each week and are presented with their Certificate and a Head Teacher sticker.

This page will be updated regularly so please keep checking back for new entries.

Our Stars – 2017 – Congratulations, keep up the hard work

Class 1K  – Ryan and Arisha 

Class 1L – Joel O 

Class 2E – Princess and Kayla

Class 2J – Merisa

Class 3M – Abigail, Kaisha and Judith 

Class 3C – Oluwatobi

Class 4J – Vera and Laura

Class 4G – Olivia, Jonathan, Solomon and Gabriel 

Class 5E – Fareed and Eliana

Class 5T – Anabel and Denzel

Class 6M – Osayende and Raheem

Class 6T – Henock, Mario and Chimobi