London Marathon Events are providing our school with a great opportunity because we have been dedicated to completing the Daily Mile challenges. They are offering free places to take part in the Vitality Westminster Mile! This takes place on Sunday 24 May 2020 (half term) and starts at 9:30 AM

Every finisher gets a medal and a t-shirt to celebrate their achievement. This event is not only a fun experience for your children but it can also help to inspire them to live a healthy and active lifestyle as well.

The Vitality Westminster Mile course runs along some famous London landmarks. It starts on The Mall and heads towards Admiralty Arch before a right turn into Horse Guards Road following the perimeter of St James’s Park. The course then turns right again into Birdcage Walk. The second half of the race will take you past Wellington Barracks before the final right turn into Spur Road and the Finish Line in front of Buckingham Palace.

If you are in years 3-6 and are interested in participating in this exciting event then please fill out the form you were given and hand it in to the office. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask Mr Longley.

We look forward to completing this challenge together!