Working with other schools

raising attainment

On 14th December 2015, our Assistant Headteacher Ms Mintram led a workshop for other schools sharing how to raise attainment. The feedback was very positive, here are a few of the comments:

A few quotes:

What key learning points will you take from today?
“Maintaining high expectations, rigorous – don’t compromise expectations”.

What actions will you take when you return to school?
“So many! Keep that rigour and maintain the high expectations.

What do you think will be the likely impact on yourself in the short term and long term?
“My eyes have been opened. Expectations of myself and others need to be higher”.
“Expectations of writing will improve – greater rigour in monitoring maths across the school”

How could your proposed actions be successful in raising attainment in your school?
“Staff will take increased ownership of progress” “raised attainment”
“Shared responsibility to raise outcomes – more self reflection”