Year 6 Classes

Saint Name: St Margaret Clitherow
Teacher: Mr Malone 
Support Staff: Ms Mead 

Saint Name: St Theresa de los Andes
Class Teacher: Mrs Akpojotor / Mrs Leakey
Support Staff: Ms Shobande 


Welcome to our classroom. We are very happy to see you and we do hope that you enjoy your visit. This page will be regularly updated with information and pictures relating to our classroom so please keep checking back for new information.

Year 6 visit Natural History Museum

On Tuesday 2nd July 2019, Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum. They had a fantastic time, the museum was really busy but they enjoyed the Dinosaur exhibition.

We took a few pictures at the museum, which can be seen in the gallery below.

On Tuesday 12th June year 6 visited The Bel Aziz Islamic Centre, as part of our learning in RE. We asked lots of questions and found out lots of interesting information during our time there. We used our experience to write recounts when we got back to school.

In writing we are reading the book King Kong so on Wednesday 19th June we are taking off in the Emirate’s cable cars to help us imagine and write about how Kong would have travelled around London.

Rehearsals for our performance at the Royal Festival Hall are well under way! Splash will take place on Tuesday 16th July at 6pm and tickets will be on sales very soon. Hope to see you all there! 

Year 6—Called to Serve

“The gifts of the Holy Spirit enable us to share the mission of the Church.”

Religious Education Curriculum Directory

 The children will learn about Jesus’ teaching and example of service of others. They will develop their ability to recognise that God has given us all gifts and talents to use in the service of him and his people. They will learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and understand that we receive these gifts in a special way through the Sacrament of Confirmation. The children will have an opportunity to reflect on a life of service through the role of the priest, religious and married life.

At Home                                                                                                                         

You could help your child by:

  • discussing the importance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • discussing the many ways in which we can be called to serve God and our neighbour
  • chatting about their gifts and talents, both obvious ones and hidden one

 Year 6—Love in Action

Jesus says: “As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.” Many saints were shaken to the core by this passage from the Bible. On account of it, St. Francis of Assisi changed his whole life. Mother Teresa converted because of this saying… When I reflect that these words come from the mouth of Jesus … then I see that I am called to seek and to love Jesus above all in these little ones, in the least.” Pope Francis, DoCat

 The children will learn and reflect on some of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. They will reflect on the implications of our belief that we are made in the image of God and explore the importance of family and community. The children will explore St. Paul’s image of the Church as the ‘Body of Christ’ and draw out the implications of this image for Christian action in the world, particularly through an exploration of the corporeal works of mercy.

At Home:

You could help your child by:

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