School Clubs

School Clubs 

WAKE AND SHAKE CLUB: For pupils in Years 4 to 6.  Mornings at 8:00 am

SUPER HEROES CLUB: For pupils in Years 3 to 5. Mondays to Thursdays after school.

Some clubs run on a rational basis so that all children in the class have the opportunity to attend over the course of the academic Year.

The list of pupils attending clubs this term will change and pupils who were not selected  to participate in one term will have a opportunity to attend in the next term.  

After School Clubs

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Yr -1
Yr -2
Yr -3 Always Active
 Always active
Yr- 4 Always Active 
3.15-4.00pm -4G
Garden Club
Yr- 5 Online Math’s
 Proud to be me-Drama club
3.15-4.00pm 5T and 4J
Yr -6 Yr 5/6 pupils –
online Math’s 3.15-4.15Online Tutoring Programme – 3.00-4.00pm