English Martyrs’ celebrated art week from 5th-9th June, pupils were given different artists to study and reproduce artwork in their own style, some pictures are available to view on our school website. Each year group were given a specific artist to study, each year group’s artist is listed below.

Y1 -Mondrian, Y2 -Hockney, Y3-Matisse, Y4-Kandinsky, Y5-Picasso, Y6 – Seurat

The children are very excited to invite you to an exhibition of their artwork on Tuesday 27th June from 8:40am to 4.15pm in bld 1 first floor hall.  

This special event will be one of the highlights of the school year and we know the children will be very happy and proud to show you their work.  The pictures have been professionally mounted, framed and catalogued, and will be displayed on special boards, allowing you to stroll around our real “art gallery”. The professionally framed pictures look fantastic.  A letter has been sent out to parents with the times for them to view their child’s class’s work. We look forward to seeing you.