COVID-19 Updates

Following the Government announcement regarding full reopening of schools, English Martyrs’ is open for all pupils.  Attendance is mandatory for all pupils and therefore the usual rules on attendance will apply. 

The school will continue to be organised into Bubbles with staggered start and finish times to the school day.  This table shows the Start and Finish times for each year group as well as dropping off and pick up places:

Year 6 8.30am Main Gate  – B1 3.00pm – Car Park Exit –B2
Year 5 8.30am Main Gate – B2 3.00pm – Gate near Church–B2
Year 4 8.40am Main Gate – B2 Class 4G Finish at 3.10pm

Class 4J Finish at 3.00pm – Gate near Church–B2

Year 3 8.50am Main Gate – B2 3.15pm – Main Gate– B2
Year 2 8.45am Main Gate- B1 3.00pm – Main Gate –B1
Year 1 8.45 am Main Gate- B1 3.00pm – Main Gate – B1
Reception 8.50 am Nursery Gate 3.00pm- Nursery Gate
Nursery 8.50 am Nursery Gate 3.00pm- Nursery Gate

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The link below offers a very clear video presentation created by the Department of Health & Social Care outlining the symptoms to look out for in your child when you feel that your child may be infected.

Please click on the link below to view:

You may also want to check out this link below offering information regarding COVID-19 symptoms created by the NHS.

Please note the following Government guidance contains advice for parents and carers  which has been updated with extra links to support to help keep children safe.  Please click the links to access the guidance’s.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Keeping children safe from abuse and harm: Advice for parents and carers about the main risks children may be particularly vulnerable to at this time and information about available help and support.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): keeping children safe online: Advice and guidance to help parents and carers to keep children safe online during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Microsoft Teams

Accessing MS Teams letter to parents

Please see below link for a guide to parents on how to access Teams 

MS Teams Crib Sheet for parents 


Please open the link below to view our School Covid-19 Risk Assessment 

Covid-19 School Risk Assessment – March 2021

Please open the link below to view our parent letter regarding pupil’s returning on 8th March 2021

Parent letter Pupils Return March 8th 2021