Reading Corner

At English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School, we believe  reading is a fundamental life skill, and strive to ensure that all our pupils become lifelong readers. 

We know for children to become sophisticated, motivated readers, we must actively and passionately teach them reading skills and a love of language.  We understand that reading is the key to accessing the wide world around them.

On completion of their education at English Martyrs’, our children will be able to read confidently and fluently, with a good understanding of a plethora of texts.  They will be proficient in both speaking and listening to a variety of audiences to present, question and debate in all subjects.  Most importantly inspire individuals to read for pleasure and purpose.

In Early Years and KS1, we use a phonics programme called ‘Read Write Inc’ by Ruth Miskin.  Children have daily phonics sessions in groups to learn and develop their phonics, strengthening their reading and understanding.  The teachers use continuous assessment to ensure that all children are challenged and to recognise those that may need additional intervention.

In KS2 we use a reading programme called Destination Reader, which provides children with a variety of reading experiences throughout the week with a clear focus on the aim of each session.  Vocabulary is central to this reading programme and the children develop essential strategies to build firm foundations in our quest to ensure they become lifelong readers. 

The children have daily opportunities to read aloud and develop their speaking and listening skills because ‘talk’ is central to developing their understanding. We promote enjoyment of reading through the children having regular visits to the school library, being read to by their teachers on a daily basis and independent reading time.  We also run a reading passport challenge on a termly basis, where the children have the opportunity to practise the reading skills that they have acquired in a variety of contexts at home.

We often invite parents from KS1 to spend time once a week before the start of the school day listening to their child read in class. 

Our Class Book Corners

To motivate and engage children in reading, each class creates a book corner relating to their class topic or book. 

 Have a book at the book corner of  The Secret Garden.

The children and staff are lucky to benefit from the educational consultants at The Literacy Tree. Texts are carefully chosen to engage children and encourage them to be critical thinkers, readers and writers. You can find out more about The Literacy Tree here:


Children are taught cursive handwriting right from Nursery up to Year 6.

Reception and KS1 Reading Morning

Thank you to all the parents from Reception and KS1 who came to read with their child. It was great to have so many children and parents reading together and everyone enjoyed it. One parent said ‘This is a really good idea and I can’t wait to come again”.