Faith at English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School


At English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary school we aim to provide an environment in which children can grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and develop their own relationship with Jesus. We want our children to understand that religion is not just for learning but also for living.  Religious Education is not simply one subject among many, but the foundation of our entire educational process.

At our school we use ‘THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE’ Programme of Study.  This programme is made up of a unit on a specific theme for each half term for all the different year groups from Nursery to Year 6.  Children learn and reflect by reading stories from the Bible and other Christian books such as lives of saints and prayers written by other people.   We also study other world faiths in order to develop our knowledge and to help promote tolerance and understanding of other people’s beliefs and practices.   In the Autumn term we study ‘Judaism’ while in the summer term we study one of the other major world faiths namely, Sikhism, Islam or Hinduism.

Read The Wednesday Word!

The materials produced by The Wednesday Word are already used extensively throughout the dioceses in England and Wales – bringing remarkable graces to many. The Wednesday Word is an excellent resource that can be used in the class and
 at home to reflect on the issues and messages present in the liturgies.

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Journey of Love programme:

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English Martyrs’ Mission Statement 

Our English Martyrs’ School Community aims to follow the example of Christ in welcoming, recognising, fostering and developing each individual, as a unique and special gift from God, with value and dignity.

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On Friday 20th September 2019 our Chaplaincy Room had a very special visitor.  Let us tell you what happened…

“Today Father Lewis came to the Chaplaincy Room.  He asked us questions about the gospel we were reading while we waited for others to arrive” 

“The Prayer Monitors, Junior Chaplains and Mrs Appah were all involved in the ceremony” 

“He wore a stole which is a special garment worn as a symbol that he has the power to bless us and our Chaplaincy Room” 

“He talked to us about Holy Water, Holy Signs and Holy Words” 

“Today I learned the things a priest needs to bless” 

 “We stood outside the room as he read the gospel and prayed for the school.  He used Holy water to mark the blessing of the door” 

“Father Lewis blessed us individually with Holy water inside the room” 

At the table he said a special prayer for the Junior Chaplains and Prayer Monitors then we received our new badges” 

 “After the ceremony we celebrated with delicious drinks and snacks” 

“The English Martyrs’ Chaplaincy room has now officially been blessed to mark the start of a new academic year and is open to all classes.  We invite you all to visit”


At English Martyrs’ children are exposed to a variety of prayer experiences, both formal and informal, private and together with other. Children are encouraged to take an active part in school Masses, including the preparation of readings and prayers. Daily Collective Worship takes place either as a whole school, Key Stage or class.

All classes begin and end the day with a prayer.   They also pray before and after lunch.

Each class has a prayer table to provide a focus for prayer and reflection which is linked to the RE topic or to special days and seasons in the liturgical year.

Whole School Masses are held at the beginning and end of each term and on special liturgical days.  A Mass rota is prepared at the start of each term and one class from each year group attend.  Masses take place in the parish church which is next door to the school.  Parents and parishioners also attend.

Our Prayer Monitors:  To be updated soon 

Please see our Education in Human Love policy

Education in Human Love Policy

School values and British values:

As a Christian community we aim to teach and practice our school set of Core Values namely:

  • FAITH,






These gospel based values also help us put into practice our British values of:






We understand that Christian Love and respect means respecting everyone else including those who are different than us in any way, or have different views than ours. To find out more about our core values, please click on the link below.

R.E. Section 48 Report

Please see below our R.E. inspection report.

Section 48 report

Our Class Saints

Pupils created displays explaining more about their class saints names, please see our gallery below of their hard work. 

Pupils in each year group learnt more about other religions, a special display had been created and was available for pupils and parents to view.


Written work is done in a separate RE exercise book which will also include a number of pieces of writing as well as drawings and sometimes images.    Given the distinctive nature of our Catholic School, there is an expectation that the standard of work, presentation, content and challenge should be at least equal to, if not better than expected levels in any other core subject area. Pupils are taught that RE books are ‘special’ books, and that they should show just as much, if not more, respect for them as their other school books.   Assessment is taken for each half termly RE topic using the questions and format provided by ‘The Word, the Truth and the Life’ scheme.

 R.E. Week

 Pupils throughout the school took part in designing the Stations of the Cross through their R.E. lessons and linked into their art lessons, have a look at the wonderful art work created.


Every week begins with a liturgical assembly, led by the Head teacher.  By gathering together we create a context within which worship is possible and we enable children to experience a feeling of belonging to a community – the class, the school and the wider world.  Often the Monday collective worship assembly focuses on the Sunday liturgy readings.   In order to support and enrich children’s understanding of the Sunday Mass readings, ‘The Wednesday Word’ flyers are handed out to all children in Key Stage 2 every week.

Our class led assemblies vary in format and are often Christian based.  Class assemblies are an opportunity for the children to  share with the school  and their parents, their own special interests or areas they have studied.   We also show our concern and compassion for other people in need.  Regularly at different times of the year fundraising activities are held to raise money for charities such as CAFOD or MISSION.

Please view our PowerPoint slide show that was incorporated into our R.E assembly.

 National Statue of Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady ofOur Lady of Fatima Statue Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima statue from our Parish Church.



Our school council children together with a group of pupils represented the school at a Jubilee year service at St George’s cathedral, Southwark.  During this service a special Year of Mercy candle was handed over to our school by a group of pupils from St George’s RC Primary school.  We will be using this candle at assemblies and other services to remind us of the Mercy of God and to help us think about how we can live as better Christians by showing mercy and kindness to others. 

Year Of Mercy