English Martyrs’ Garden

Healthy Eating, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

A couple of years ago we transformed our playground into an Edible Playground.  We  transformed the school grounds by creating lots of green space for the children, including a running track in the middle to get our children active. 

The school grounds are now a vibrant outdoor space for playing, sport, growing and education!  By transforming our school into an oasis for growing fresh fruit and vegetables we are installing the principals of eating healthy food in our children, so we can tackle childhood obesity.

Healthy eating and the new garden has become embedded in our school’s curriculum we  have gardening champions so all children will be involved in the garden.  Despite there being potentially some problems in having a two site school we are now proud to say that we have two beautiful gardens on each site and two greenhouses for propagation.  The whole process from seed to plate will be shared with our children. 

Some of our young gardeners presented Ms Maria with a thank you plant for designing our gardening bibs 

We have started a gardening club with Ms Bernie and have many little helpers keeping our garden going, helping to plant and maintain carrots, potatoes, other vegetables and strawberries  which everyone is looking forward to. 

Our Gardening club continues to ‘Grow’.   We look forward to a good harvest later on this term.

Thank you Ms Bernie for working with us on our  gardening skills and Ms Maria for helping design our special aprons.

EMS are growing fabulous vegetables!

Pupils have been busy planting seeds for our school gardening project and have had great success with their vegetables. We currently have strawberries and courgettes growing, and from our photos, fabulous carrots.


  • 33% of UK primary school pupils believe pasta is made from meat and that cheese comes from plants*
  • 10% believe potatoes grow on trees*
  • 25% think fish fingers come from chicken or pigs*
  • Public Health England estimate that 28% of children between two and fifteen years old are obese
  • Diet related illnesses cost the NHS £10 billion every year
  • *British Nutrition Foundation 2013

Healthy Food Tasting Time!

English Martyrs now has an edible playground, we’re growing plants for the children to eat! In the pictures below, Year 1 and 2 have been tasting a variety of healthy foods! Which one was their favourite?

EMS Wormery!

EMS have now got a Wormery! We are supervising and have added the worms to their new home!
This will make compost for our garden, to keep our plants healthy.

More Images of our garden

Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view.