The aims of Mathematics teaching and learning in the school are:

  • To ensure all pupils acquire the skills required to become independent mathematical thinkers with the knowledge and confidence to tackle problem solving and investigational tasks.
  • To provide opportunities for all pupils to develop the ability to apply Mathematics within a wide range of contexts and an appreciation of its importance in our everyday lives.
  • To encourage each child to achieve their full potential by providing an effective combination of teaching and learning strategies.
  • To create easy access to well labelled resources in order to facilitate independent learning.
  • To provide an appropriately differentiated curriculum where every child experiences an increase in motivation, confidence, enjoyment and ability.

Are you worried about your child’s maths! You are invited to ‘My Maths’ workshop for parents.

If you are worried about your child’s maths and would like to learn ways to help support them please contact the school office.

mathHow can you support your child at home?

A good website that was shared with parents is the MATHS AT HOME Website.

To view go to Click on ‘Let’s Get Started’ Then select Year group.


All children have access to mymaths at home.  Children are encouraged to do the lesson that is linked to their homework.  They can also do maths on any area that they want by using the search facility.   Do let them share their scores with you.

For Mymaths, go to:

Developing children’s pace and understanding

Arithmetic is essential to developing children’s pace and understanding in maths.  Parents are encouraged to learn key calculation facts with their children and these are provided for each half term below.

Our Curriculum

Please click on the links below:

Maths Gallery

Here are a few pictures of our children hard at work in maths lessons throughout the school and around the grounds. For a larger view, please click on the thumbnails below.