Reception Classes

Saint Name: St Patrick  and St Laurenz
Class Teacher: Ms Bentaleb and Mr Humphreys 
Support Staff: Ms Keri


Reception children have settled in really well and they have been getting used to the daily routine, class rules and eating in the dinner centre.

 In class we have been learning how to work together and share and we have talked about ways in which we can be a “good friend”. We drew our self portraits and thought of words to describe ourselves. Next week, we will be drawing pictures of our families.

If you would like to visit our Reception classes please contact the Office Manager via email at or call on 0207 703 4726.

Autumn Topic Curriculum Overview 

Please open the link below to view what topics pupils in Reception will learning about this term.

Topic Overview Spring 1 2022

Topic Overview Autumn 2 2021

Topic Overview Autumn 1 2021 

English Martyrs’ Faith:

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