Sports day will be done differently this year due to the government guidelines in relation to Covid-19.  This year the children will be doing the activities within their bubbles at different times in the week so the bubbles are not mixed and so that the children can keep their distance. Sports week will be on the week beginning the 6th July. Each bubble’s sports day will start at 1.30pm.

The children will be competing in: 1 Minute Run; Agility Run; Speed Bounce; Standing Long Jump; Bench Balance; Tennis Ball Catch. The competitions will be adapted as appropriate for different year groups. I will be keeping a record of everyone’s scores, winners will be announced and certificates will be given out!

Bubble number Day Playground
Bubble 1 Tuesday 1 (Key Stage 1)
Bubble 2 Wednesday 2 (Key Stage 2)
Bubble 3 Thursday 1 (Key Stage 1)
Bubble 4 Thursday 2 (Key Stage 2)
Bubble 5 Thursday 2 (Key Stage 2) Garden Area
Bubble 6 Wednesday 1 (Key Stage 1)
Bubble 7 Tuesday 2 (Key Stage 2)
Bubble 8 Tuesday (14.7.20) 1 (Key Stage 1)
Bubble 9 Tuesday (14.7.20) 2 (Key Stage 2)

*If you are not sure what bubble your child is in then please ask the office.

The children will come to school in their PE kit on the day of their sports day. This means a white t-shirt and blue or black trousers. If it is a hot day the children can wear blue or black shorts. Make sure you apply sun tan lotion if it is sunny and bring plenty of water.

Unfortunately, parents will not be able to attend sports day this year because of the government guidelines but we will be taking pictures and telling you all about it on the school website.

Children not in school can still join in with these competitions at home and send us their scores so they can be a part of the fun. These activities are simple and the rules will be sent to the parents so everyone knows what to do. We would love to see pictures of you competing from home so you can send them through to the office!

The children always love sports day and it is one of the highlights of the year so I’m looking forward to it!