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13Jul 2021

The school mass in the parish church today was also the last one for our Year 6 pupils who will soon be leaving us to move on to their respective Secondary schools.  We wish them all the best for their next phase in their educational journey.

13Jul 2021

Our school community today said a formal farewell to Mrs Appah, former headteacher through a thanksgiving mass at English Martyrs’ Parish church led by Bishop Paul Hendricks. Mrs Appah was the school’s headteacher for nine years and served at our school for a total of 26 years.

09Jul 2021

Year 3 Endzone The year 3 children really enjoyed their endzone event, delivered by the LPESSN. Endzone is a game that they hadn’t previously encountered so it required them to think critically and problem solve. They also had to work together as a team and communicate effectively. The children worked hard and gave it their […]

01Jul 2021

Proud winners of our KS1 Sports Day Medals.  Certificates and medals were awarded at assembly this morning.   Well done to all children who took part and teachers who planned and organised this important annual activity.  

24Jun 2021

Our sports day this year took a different look!  We all had to stay in ‘Bubbles’ but still managed to take part and compete in our games carousel, races and even Tug of War! Medals will be awarded at our Good News assembly next week. 

14Jun 2021

This week we are marking REFUGEE WEEK – an annual festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of Refugees or asylum seekers – people who arrive in another country due to serious difficulties, death threats or other dangers in their country of origin. 

12Jun 2021

This last week we had a special week on OTHER FAITHS. Children in all year groups learned about how Sikh people celebrate their special days, what they believe in and their other practices in places of worship. You can read more about this in some of the short reports on Page 3 of this week’s Newsletter. 

17May 2021

Today we started ‘Walking to School Week’.  Children started thinking about how walking to school is good for us in many ways.  It is an opportunity to exercise while walking but it is also good for the environment because we save car journeys and avoid adding to the congestion and emissions they cause.  

14May 2021

Every radio station in the UK will united today to play the 2021 Mental Health Minute – a message to mark this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. The radio roadblock at 10.59am on 14 May featured the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined by famous voices including David Beckham, Joanna Lumley and Dame Shirley Bassey urging […]

10May 2021

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness week is CONNECT WITH NATURE.  To mark the start of this important week today children shared some ideas about this theme in our morning assembly.  Throughout the week they will continue to learn more and reflect how we can improve our wellbeing by connecting with all the wonderful […]